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Netiquette, which is Internet etiquette, is socially accepted behavior on the Internet, when posting in newsgroups, and when communicating through email.

The first item worth mentioning is that when you type something in a newsgroup or email, avoid typing in all capitalized letters. TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LOOKS LIKE YOUR YELLING! Do you see what we mean?

You can add humor to your messages by using smileys, which are also known as emoticons. An example of a popular smiley is   :-)

Another good tip is to keep your messages straight and to the point. Whether you are posting a comment in a newsgroup or composing a message in an email, keep your message short and to the point.

Also remember that anything your post in a newsgroup or forum is accessible to the public. So be cautious and considerate on what you post. Moreover, when posting in a newsgroup or forum, stick to the subject of the newsgroup. Don't promote or try to advertise something completely different as it might upset some of the users of the forum who have dedicated their time to helping people get questions answered and to share ideas.


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